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Aquidneck Island Chiropractor
Dr. Dean Janssen

Simply put, I was a skeptic at the tender age of 16.

Portrait of chiropractor in Middletown, Dr. Dean Janssen

Dr. Dean Janssen

I had always been an active teenager growing up. In high school, playing sports was my life, until one autumn night it all changed. The car my friends and I were driving in lost control and struck a wall and two trees head-on.

Incredible Lower Back & Leg pain

For the next five years, I lived with incredible lower back and leg pain which would keep me up many nights. I saw several chiropractors at this time with limited results. One chiropractor rubbed hot gel on my back under a heating lamp. I thought, “Is this what chiropractic was all about?” Needless to say, I didn’t feel better.

Even Sought help from Several Orthopedic Surgeons

I even sought help from several orthopedic surgeons. One surgeon said that I had the back of a 50 year old, and given my age, no surgeon would touch me. I felt like I had the “plague”. Their suggestion at this time: drugs, drugs, and more drugs. Thanks, but no thanks, not really a solution which interested me.

As fate would have it, I met a chiropractor in 1989 who changed the outcome of my life completely. I had all but given up. I was resigned to the fact that my back would never feel right again.

This time my chiropractic experience was different.

Two things struck out and made this experience different. First, the chiropractor excepted no excuses. I had to allow him to help me. He did not want to accept mediocrity or failure for me. I remember him telling me that he was there for me, not the other way around. It was just the kick in the pants I needed. The second thing I noticed was that he was excellent and skilled at using his hands. For the first time, I felt real change and “adjustments” happening within my body.

Within 8 months I was virtually pain free in my back and legs.

I couldn’t believe it. It worked. I quit my sales job with Motorola, sold my car and bought a beat-up ’76 Oldsmobile, and drove to Marietta Georgia to attend Life University of Chiropractic. I had to find out what chiropractic was all about. Keep in mind, impulsiveness was not a typical personality trait, then again neither was feeling this good.

I was truly blown away by all the similar stories and experiences that people shared at chiropractic school. I thought to myself, “There’s a whole new world out here, apart from sickness and disease”.

Ten years later…

Ten years after leaving chiropractic school, my life has evolved in many ways, still with chiropractic at it’s core. I met my beautiful wife in 1995 and we were instantly inseparable. One challenge I faced early was that she experienced debilitating and monthly migraines for years, so bad she needed to be rocked in a darkened room with an ice pack on her head. This was a big test early in our relationship, which tested my beliefs and skills as a chiropractor. In short, my wife Lisa has had few migraine headaches over the past ten years.

At Home with Dr. Dean Janssen

In 2002, we started our family. Ours sons, Daniel and Nathan, keep us busy and complete our well rounded lives. It’s hard to imagine our lives without them. They have received chiropractic care since birth, and are the most happy, healthy, and energetic little boys you’d ever meet. What’s more, my wife and I have the opportunity of sharing our daily chiropractic experiences with our sons when they are not at school. I forgot, to mention, Lisa is the smiling face who runs my practice and keeps me on track.

I believe a healthy life is a compilation of healthy daily habits, including a healthy diet and exercise routine, along with proper rest and mental attitude. One vital component which many patients are starting to understand, is that the core health and healing of the body comes from within. By removing and reducing mechanical and neurological stress within the human body, the body is allowed to harness tremendous healing ability. It happens no other way. Chiropractors are merely facilitators, instruments in time, which help fine tune the body and keep it well adjusted for life’s remarkable journey.

Our Mission at Janssen Family Chiropractic

The mission which I’ve adopted in my office is to treat you like family. To treat you the way that I want to be treated as a patient. To treat you in a way that I know works. I like to offer patients information , hope, and advice as we move thru your treatment plan and our journey together. I like to inform patients, without preaching or force feeding them, because ultimately our patients are the ones in control of their own success and destiny. By working together and delivering results, we earn your respect and you share your experiences with others, which is really what chiropractic is all about. At the end of the day, it’s all about YOU.

Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Give our Middletown office a call, or e-mail me using the link below, and let’s arrange a time to explore your options.