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Regular Visits at Janssen Family Chiropractic

(5-10 minutes/Adjustment Only) (20-25 minutes/Adjustment + Therapy)

Dr. Janssen adjusting a child

Chiropractic care is safe for the entire family

Part of a Detailed Treatment Plan

A typical office visit is part of a detailed treatment plan designed to be as efficient as possible. In the beginning, we must use frequency patterns and repetition to re-train proper and healthy spinal positions and bio-mechanics. Once this learning is achieved, we can effectively reduce the frequency patterns while maintaining the benefits. It’s that simple. Chiropractic is no different than following a successful diet or exercise routine. Learning and re-training must be re-taught, anything less is a recipe for failure.

Dr. Janssen adjusting a patient

Dr. Janssen takes great care with his adjustments

The goal of our adjustments is to stimulate and enhance the healing process within the body, in essence, reducing the stress levels in certain areas. We may also use a myriad of techniques and therapies, such as heat/ice, electric muscle stimulation, and soft tissue techniques, to assist our adjustments and obtain the best results.

We believe an informed and knowledgeable patient makes good choices, thereby increasing their probability of success. The road to wellness lies within, choose wisely and start living a better life. To get started, just call Janssen Family Chiropractic at (401) 847-5311.