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Aquidneck Island Chiropractor
First Visit

(30-45 minutes)

Dr. Janssen explains everything to his patients first

Making you Feel at Home

For most patients, chiropractic is a new experience. We understand, we are patients as well. It is our intent to make you feel comfortable and right at home, so we can concentrate on the real purpose you are here –TO GET WELL.

The intent of our first visit is to learn more about you by familiarizing ourselves with your case history. It is our goal to identify the “true” cause of your problem. We will provide you with a thorough case history form, and discuss the specifics of your case history findings during our initial consultation.

A Detailed Examination

If we believe that chiropractic may be of some benefit to you, we will continue on with a detailed examination, which includes a complete orthopedic and neurological evaluation. Based on you specific findings and case history, we may recommend x-rays to help us further identify areas of concern. Because every neck and back is not the same, x-rays tend to be an effective blueprint to help us succeed. Rest assured; our main objective is obtaining accurate information and details to enhance our effectiveness in this office.

On your Second Visit we will review all of the exam findings from your first visit.